Servers Powered by Renewable energy

Hosting a website requires a computer somewhere (a server) to be on 24/7/365. Your website then gets loaded from this computer(or served from this server). Needless to say that the energy used to power servers adds up and consumes copious amounts of energy.

When you sign up for Smart Sites, your website will be hosted on a server powered by 100% renewable energy. We’ll add a green badge to your website to help show your clients that you care about our planet!

Green Hosting Badge
Green Hosting Badge
Green Hosting Badge

The planet in mind with everything we do

Whether it’s printing documents at the office, making a new technology purchase or anything in between, we’re always considering the impact on the environment. We always strive to make the decision that will have the least negative impact on the environment. Do you really have to print those papers Jim?

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